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Due to the fact that alcohol is a legal drug that can not only be purchased without a prescription but on every corner, its power to affect the body chemistry is often over-looked. Long term alcohol use creates a chemical dependency in a large portion of abusers, and this dependency can create a condition called "delirium tremens" (DTs) upon cessation of use.

This life-threatening condition requires immediate, emergency medical intervention to avoid serious side effects such as respiratory failure, seizure and even death. At Lincoln NE Alcohol Detox they have 24 hour medical staff available for patients to safely detoxify their body from the chemicals contained in alcohol in a comfortable, compassionate environment.

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Alcohol Detoxification Process

Alcohol Detox Lincoln, NE uses evidence-based treatment modality derived from differential diagnosis advisements and warnings formulated by the American Academy of Family Physicians. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal mimic that of other disease symptoms and conditions, and therefore it is essential that when seeking a safe place for alcohol detox individuals find a facility that can differentiate between those symptoms caused by ancillary withdrawal (many patients have a dual diagnosis) and that of the early stages of DTs.

Methods used at Lincoln Nebraska Alcohol Detox include: hydration through non-intravenous and intravenous (for more severe withdrawal) methods, nutritional supplements, and symptom-triggered and fixed schedule medications.

Lincoln NE Alcohol Detox: from beginning to end, are there for you.

Many alcohol detox and drug rehabs require that you undergo an off-campus medical detox before entering the program. Alcohol Detox Lincoln NE encompasses the entire process from alcohol detox to therapy on-campus. They have brought in medical professionals specializing in drug treatment and recovery with emergency intervention and trauma care resumes so that you feel confident trusting you or a loved one's alcohol detox to us.

They understand the signs and symptoms of delirium tremens, and how to quickly intervene and manage the reaction. After the detoxification process is over you will have the opportunity to begin therapy without the pains of withdrawal and with a clearer and more open mind. Therapy only works when your head and heart is in the right place. Lincoln Drug Treatment Centers allow that to happen.

While they want everyone to have an opportunity for sobriety and challenge all those suffering from the effects of alcoholism to take steps to rid themselves of addiction they also caution people attempting to do this on their own. Just because alcohol is sold on every corner legally does not mean it is not dangerous. You can die from alcohol withdrawal.

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