Drug Abuse in Lincoln, Nebraska

Watching a loved one suffer from a debilitating drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult and painful. They may be unaware that they are in need of treatment for substance abuse. When someone is addicted to a drug it can be hard to realize that they have a problem, until it has a major impact on their lives. Though it may be difficult to imagine that your neighborhood could suffer from high incidences of drug abuse and addiction, the Office of National Drug Control Policy has identified Lancaster County as a high-intensity drug trafficking area. Don't let the comfortable surroundings fool you; drug abuse can affect anyone.

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There Are Ways You Can Help

If your loved one is living with a drug problem, your attempts to help may be met with resentment. That doesn't mean that you should withdraw your support or stop trying to help him or her to overcome addiction. Your loved one may not be able to take those first steps toward addiction recovery alone. You can reach out and show how drug abuse and misuse has impacted both of your lives and the lives of those around you.

While Lincoln appears on Gallup-Healthways list of "Happiest & Healthiest" cities, living in a beautiful community does not exempt you from the dangers of drug abuse. Help your loved one get help before addiction to drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication causes irreparable damage.

5 Health Risks from heavy drinking:

  • Cancer- Mouth, throat, liver, breast, voice box, and more
  • Anemia- Shortness of breath, dizzy spells, discomfort
  • Liver failure- cirrhosis of the liver from heavy drinking can result in death
  • Dementia- Memory loss and shrinkage of the brain from drinking to much
  • Nerve Damage- Muscle weakness, constipation, and erectile dysfunction

Drug Abuse health risks vary from the drug but can still result in:

  • HIV- Injecting drugs puts users at risk for catching hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases transmitted from blood.
  • Mental illness- Rewiring the brain can cause a whole host of different brain dysfunction-Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and depression.
  • Liver failure- can occur from drug use as well as alcoholism
  • Heart- Stimulant users and depressant users damage the heart with every use. Depressants slow down the heart and can cause failure and stimulants can cause heart attack.
  • Lung damage- smoking any type of drug can cause damage to the lungs and cancer.

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