Dual Diagnosis Services in Lincoln a Rarity

Dual Diagnosis Services in Lincoln NE a Rarity

Dual diagnosis services should be widely available, but unfortunately, in places like Lincoln, Nebraska, there is still work to be done. Austin Bower had been diagnosed with dozens of mental illnesses including autism, and while on probation for some petty crimes he struggled with drinking and drug use. Bower needed long-term dual diagnosis treatment in the CenterPointe facility that could keep him away from people who were a bad influence. However, CenterPointe told him he would not qualify for admission. Bower was instead sent to prison for four years. If Bower had gotten the treatment he needed, he many not have gotten into so much legal trouble.

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Dual Diagnosis

Coexisting disorders affect people from all walks of live, with some people slowly developing one disorder over time as a result of another. Common dual diagnosis interactions include depression and alcoholism, anxiety disorders and benzo dependence, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcoholism, and bipolar disorder and prescription opioid abuse. Before treating a dual diagnosis case, doctors and clinicians will attempt to differentiate between pre-existing mental problems and those brought about by drug use. This distinction can greatly influence treatment options, with common treatment patterns including primary treatment, sequential treatment, parallel treatment, and integrated treatment.

Problems surrounding dual diagnosis

Diagnosing and treating dual diagnosis can be difficult, with problems regarding social stigma, patient placement, diagnosis and treatment. Mental health clinics and drug treatment centers have always been separate, with patients often struggling to access truly integrated programs. Co-operation between facilities can even be hard to come by, with different medication and behavioral therapy programs initiated for mental health and substance abuse cases. While integrated treatment is always advised, patients often have to settle for sequential or parallel treatment plans.

Incorrect diagnosis is also a big problem, with many of the symptoms of drug addiction presenting as mental health problems are vice versa. It can be very difficult for clinicians to define a primary disorder, with clear causal links often unclear. More often than not, complex bi-directional relationships are prevalent, with mental health issues affecting substance use and addiction creating additional mental problems.

Rehab centers Lincoln Nebraska offer drug treatment programs and aftercare programs for people with coexisting disorders. They treat both illnesses simultaneously in order for patients to achieve full recovery.

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