Opiate Addiction: Veterans of War Struggle

Opiate Addiction: Veterans of War Struggle

Vet Treatment Court established to help those who have served with substance abuse problems and mental health issues. Between injury and P.T.S.D self-medicating is often a veteran's only known solution. Dual Diagnosis Treatment can help manage both mental health and addiction. Call Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Lincoln Nebraska. (402) 802- 9194

Many who fight overseas encounter injury and are subjected to seeing things, feeling emotions and being in situations they will never forget. P.T.S.D, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the mental illness where after an extreme experience people revert into a different state of mind. Some feel depressed, violent, see disturbing images, and suffer because of it. Along with injuries that military members sustain they are often prescribed pain killers to treat the aching. Studies have found that half of those military persons who are prescribed pain killers continue to use them and become addicted to the substance of abuse. That is approximately 500,000 military individuals who develop drug dependence from prescription pain medication. According to the American Academy of Pain Medication many of them take more than 100 Mg a day to achieve the feeling they are looking for.

The pain killers can bring harmony to them and that could be why they continue use. Numerous veterans suffering from drug addiction wind up in military court where now officials are putting in place a treatment program for such individuals to receive addiction rehab. Those who have fought and develop a drug abuse pattern can turn to Addiction Drug Treatment Centers Lincoln and receive dual diagnosis treatment to properly handle both drug and substance addiction and mental health. With the new drug court system only 2 or 3 of the individuals who received treatment have wound up back in court which shows that the rehabilitation is working.

The program has been successful because in going to an inpatient center for recovery such as Drug Rehab Lincoln, all of the issues the veterans are dealing with are treated. Detox for opiate addiction, one on one addiction therapy to address underlying emotions, family counseling, and relapse prevention.In behavioral therapy and through alternative healing methods military members can learn ways to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. Participating in yoga or art and receiving chiropractic care for pain are all management techniques that aid them to become balanced and happy.

Drug Treatment Centers and Alcohol rehab Lincoln, focus on methods that will provide long-term success to the individuals so down the road they will still be recovering but have the proper techniques to do so. Some of those military members who complete he program even go back to become counselors so that they can help others like them. Participating in group therapy that drug rehab provides allows people with addictions to learn from one another and create a solid support system. The program is all about giving back and once completed the military members find happiness in helping others like them, it is as if they find their new purpose and in the journey of recovery from addiction having a purpose is everything.

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