Percocet Drug Treatment in Lincoln

Percocet Drug Treatment Lincoln NE

Percocet addiction can occur if people take this drug for more than a short time. Generally, the drug is prescribed to alleviate acute pain such as that from a bone fracture. It is not a good choice of drug for persistent pain; for example, the kind that people with rheumatoid arthritis might have. Nevertheless, some doctors capitulate to patient demands and provide repeat prescriptions. Usually doctors will have told the patient about the risk of Percocet addiction, and the patient is willing to accept this risk because of its pain relieving properties. Because addiction can happen easily, Percocet drug treatment in Lincoln is necessary.

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Why is Percocet Addictive?

Percocet is actually a combination drug that contains two active ingredients, namely oxycodone and acetaminophen. The acetaminophen is an anti-inflammatory drug and is non-addictive. Percocet addiction comes about because the drug contains oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opioid, a class of drugs that is derived from, and named after, the opium poppy.

When people take opioids, they get a pleasurable sensation. As this wears off, people often want to get the sensation again and they will take more of the drug. For some, this quickly becomes a compulsion as they become addicted mentally. The body adapts to cope with opioids by modifying cell structure in a way that makes the opioids a key ingredient. The longer people take opioids, the more substantial these cellular changes become. Since the opioid is now essential, the body is dependent on it, and there will be a severe reaction if a person reduces the dose or stops taking the drug altogether.

Side Effects

When people become addicted to Percocet, they will start taking more of the drug as their tolerance builds. When taken in larger quantities over prolonged time spans, the effects and side effects can be more pronounced. People who take a lot of the drug will have problems concentrating, and their sleep patterns may be disrupted. Although they take the drug for its opioid effect, they are also increasing their dosage of acetaminophen. The combination can cause gastrointestinal problems and liver damage. Overdosing can result in respiratory failure.


Percocet addiction can be very hard to break without professional help. At Lincoln medical detox, they provide treatment for Percocet addicts. They have residential units where people can safely detox from this drug. After this process is complete, visit a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting ( Lincoln drug detox centers can get you on the right track. Call today!

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