Signs and Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

Learn About Ketamine Abuse and How to Spot the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Ketamine is an anesthetic that is extremely potent and often used in veterinary medicine. In fact, in the 1960s, ketamine was used as an anesthetic for humans as well. Because of the powerful effects that ketamine can have, when someone is able to obtain this drug, ketamine abuse is quite common. But it's also dangerous. The signs and symptoms associated with ketamine abuse can be dire. Below, we will examine the ketamine short term effects and ketamine long term effects, and we'll discuss how you can get help for a ketamine addiction if you are struggling with one or if your loved one is struggling with ketamine abuse.

The Short Term Effects of Ketamine Use

The short term effects of ketamine use can be extremely problematic. First, let's discuss the positive effects that ketamine use has on the user. These are the effects that make the user wants to use ketamine in the first place.

When taken, the effects of ketamine happen quickly - within just a few seconds or minutes. Initially, the individual will feel a feeling of euphoria and overall happiness. They may feel slightly dizzy and have an altered body image, but all of this is clouded with euphoria and overall joy.

These are the positive effects of short-term ketamine use, but the negative effects come swiftly after. For the most part, the individual will begin to experience delirium and severe dizziness. Their hearing may be altered, and they may start to see hallucinations and troubling visions.

Physically, their heartbeat will begin to speed up, and their blood pressure will raise. They will begin salivating excessively and experiencing some nausea and possibly vomiting. There may be pain at the injection site as well. After several hours, the individual may experience nightmares and vivid dreams, dysphagia, and psychomotor retardation.

The Long Term Effects of Ketamine Use

The long term effects of ketamine can be extremely detrimental as well. First of all, long term use of ketamine leads to physical dependence and addiction. This is a terrible symptom and effect in its own right because it means that professional treatment will need to take place in order for the individual to stop being addicted to the drug, and this will mean that withdrawal symptoms will occur, which can be painful and comfortable.

Physically, there are other long term effects to ketamine use, and most of them are related to the bladder and urination as well as to the kidneys. These long-term symptoms include damage to the kidneys, blood in the urine and decreased bladder compliance, decreased bladder volume, incontinence, and over activity in the bladder movement-controlling muscles.

Lincoln Drug Treatment Centers Can Help

Avoiding the terrible ketamine long term effects and finding help for ketamine addiction should be a priority if you are struggling with ketamine abuse or if you have a loved one who has been struggling with ketamine abuse. Fortunately, at Lincoln Drug Treatment Centers, we are here to help.

Our job is to connect Lincoln residents and those seeking treatment for abuse of ketamine with high quality drug treatment centers in the Lincoln area. We have connections with all of the best drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers, and we want to connect you with the center that will help you the most. To learn about how we can help you and to get your questions about addiction to ketamine answered, give us a call today at 402.802.9194.

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